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Wipes and Swabs
Our Care Touch Alcohol Prep Pads get your skin ready for injection and help keep minor cuts and scrapes from getting infected,". Our prep cushions are 2-utilize, retentive, and soaked with 70% isopropyl liquor for skin infusion. To ensure that each alcohol pad remains sterile and moist, it is individually wrapped and enclosed in a four-layer wrap.. Our selection of antiseptic wipes and swabs makes it easy for you to locate the ideal antiseptic for your use.. From our pre dampened separately wrapped sterile wipes to a more grounded skin germ-free found in Povidone Iodine we have what you really want to give sanitizing and cleaning of skin and wounds.

No medical aid unit is finished without Disinfectant and Alcohol Cleansing Pads. These wipes are vital in cleansing injuries and the affected areas to appropriately focus on a physical issue with the goal that the healing process can start. Antiseptic Wipes are without sting and can be utilized to purge a slice preceding directing different applications like a treatment or swathe.

Medicated sting relief ""swab"" style bundling offers an exceptional time span of usability and won't tend to dry out in adverse storage conditions. Relief from stings that cause pain and discomfort.

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