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A universal evacuation solution like rescue chairs ensures a smooth staircase ascent and descent in an emergency. We have a wide range of high-performance stairway evacuation chairs and sleds for patients with varying needs. You can't go wrong with a single-user operation because it eliminates the need for heavy lifting or manual handling during emergency evacuation procedures. Because we truly believe that our product is superior to any other, we back our commitment to customer satisfaction and offer a lifetime warranty on all of our evacuation chairs.

Elevators should not be used in multi-story buildings during an emergency, such as a fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or even a simple power outage. As a result, people with disabilities or injuries may become trapped. The ideal solution is our highly innovative evacuation chair; It is a lightweight, simple-to-use evacuation stair chair that glides down stairs effortlessly to facilitate the swift and secure removal of people with mobility impairments.

Rescue chairs are what are known as emergency evacuation chairs. These chairs are kept close to emergency exits and make it possible for individuals who have mobility issues, whether they are permanent or temporary, to move downstairs in the event of an emergency. These devices can assist faculty, staff, students, or emergency responders in rapidly transferring individuals with mobility impairments down stairs or across rough terrain. Evacuation chairs are not required or mandated by law, despite the fact that many businesses, government buildings, schools, and colleges purchase them on their own initiative.

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