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Contractor Kits-ANSI 2015 Compliant
For the benefit of their businesses' productivity and the well-being of their employees, employers are obligated to provide healthy workplaces. In specific crises, admittance to the swathes, sterile, bandage, and different things found in these work environment emergency treatment units can alleviate wounds completely or go about as impermanent decreases before proficient assistance can be reached.

When a first aid kit that complies with ANSI standards is required in the workplace, one must ensure compliance. To make certain that you are adhering to the predetermined requirements that have been established for your facility, our ANSI Compliant First Aid Kits meet or exceed the national standards. These come in both bulk and unitized kits, and they come in a wide range of sizes based on how many people or units they serve.

The Contractor's First Aid Kit from First Aid Only enables you to deal with minor jobsite emergencies. This 182-piece kit includes supplies for reducing pain, swelling, and treating cuts, scrapes, and wounds. This kit is housed in a metal case that is simple to carry and features a latch that is simple to release to ensure quick access to first aid in the event of an emergency. Our first aid kits for construction vehicles, renovation projects, and businesses can be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes almost anywhere. A weatherproof, convenient first aid kit. Accompanies a conveying handle and is wall mountable. The content exceeds ANSI Class A+ requirements from 2015.

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