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Our FirstAid Apparel packs, which are made of a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable material, provide high-level fluid protection.. The gowns are prudent, expendable, and will take care of business meanwhile ensuring you are safeguarded against possibly unsafe liquids. They are large enough to provide complete coverage and adaptability.

When you are tending to an injured person or cleaning up bodily fluids and biohazardous materials, our disposable polypropylene shoe covers are made to shield your shoes and feet from harmful bacteria and aid in their prevention.

Pack clothing for spill cleanup. includes gloves, an isolation gown, a CPR face mask, an eye and face shield, a biohazard bag, and BZK clean-up wipes. The convenient tear-open box easily slides into most kits. Sold as 8 piece unit. Perfect for individual first aid or as a kit refill."

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