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50 Person Bulk Kits-ANSI 2015 Compliant
This 50-person bulk first aid kit with an expanded fill, meets all OSHA and ANSI standards and is great for project workers, fleet vehicles, worksites, and little organizations with up to 50 representatives. The partitioned, water-resistant plastic case can be mounted on the wall and has a handle that makes it easy to carry.

The 50-person ANSI A+ First Aid Kit in a plastic case contains essential first aid supplies to treat minor injuries. The kit contents meet both ANSI and OSHA standards and are sufficient to treat up to 50 people. The durable plastic storage case has clear, individual compartments to keep supplies organized and easily located in an emergency. With a handle to facilitate transportation to the site of an injury, the case also includes tabs for mounting the case on a wall or other flat vertical surface. The kit is ideal for the home, small offices, vehicles, restaurants or jobsites. Weatherproof case keeps your supplies safely protected in hazardous environments. Carrying handle on the case allows quick transportation to the injured person to provide immediate attention.

Plus, the wall-mountable design keeps it conveniently displayed in an easy-to-access location. First aid kit includes bandages, first aid tape, CPR mask, burn dressing, cold compress, eyewash, eye pads, hand sanitizer packets, nitrile exam gloves, gauze roll, scissors, trauma pads, sling/bandage, first aid guide, insect sting relief wipes, tweezers, alcohol wipes, burn cream packets, antibiotic ointment packets, infection control wipes and dressing pads.

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