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SmartCompliance kits and cabinets come in a variety of sizes. The extraordinary plan dispenses with disordered and missing supplies. A cabinet with clearly labeled compartments makes it simple to use and restock.

Because of their unique design and OSHA compliance, the cabinets are easy to modify, arrange, and restock. Any of our additional first aid supplies can be easily added to the cabinets. Start with a typical business cabinet and, as needed, add small boxes of bandages, alcohol pads, or antiseptic wipes.

Business first aid is redefined by the revolutionary SmartCompliance Program. The most complete solution currently available is made up of three potent components working together:

Innovative Cabinet Design This special configuration takes out disordered and missing supplies. A cabinet with compartments that are clearly labeled makes it simple to use and restock. The cabinet ID system permits activity reporting that is individualized as well as location-based tracking. Extension pockets permit customization of the bureau to meet your particular necessities.

SmartTab ezRefill Framework This basic however viable framework for reordering and restocking changes renewal. It is fast, simple, and savv. SmartTab ezRefill reminder tabs let you know when it's time to reorder supplies as supplies are used and provide you with information on how to do so. Only SmartCompliance, the only first aid solution that guarantees OSHA compliance, is available. The first product that provides peace of mind in addition to supplies is this one. To keep your guarantee, simply register the cabinet and make use of the SmartTab ezRefill System. Additionally, First Aid Only will offer the product to ensure compliance in the event that the industry's OSHA regulations change.

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