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Medication Station
This Medication Station is perfect for the working environment, home or work site. If you always keep the four medications that you use the most on hand on hand, you won't be able to forget about them! A piece of the medication you can choose to recall for your station is Ibuprofen, Non-Ibuprofen, Mitigating medication, or Stomach settling specialist. Treatment is absolutely necessary only in an emergency.

Emergency treatment items comply to OSHA Guidelines and ANSI Principles, By Medical aid Just, the brand you know and trust, Quality items guarantee your workers get the appropriate clinical consideration, Assurance the longest conceivable time span of usability

The Emergency treatment Just/Top Medicine Stations are an incredible method for keeping your prescriptions coordinated and reachable. The stations come in two unique choices, either vacant or with stomach settling agent, headache medicine, non-headache medicine, and ibuprofen included.

The office, home, or workplace will all benefit from this Medication Station. You won't be able to lose track of your four most frequently used medications if you keep them readily available and stocked at all times! Ibuprofen, non-aspirin aspirin, aspirin, and antacid are some of the medications you can include in your station. This is absolutely necessary for First Aid Only. It's not fun for people with headaches and upset stomachs to search through cabinets for relief. The PhysiciansCare Medication Station is ideal for kitchens and breakrooms in offices because it is simple to set up and provides an even simpler method for dispensing the most frequently used medications in the workplace. Compatible medication boxes simply and securely lock into the wall-mounted station with our exclusive Secure Locking System and remain there. To swap out an empty box for a new one, all you need is a light tug.

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