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StretchersOur portable stretcher is ideal for use at work, school, search and rescue and any outdoor activity due to its strength, durability, and lightweight design. Does not replace a back or spine board on account of neck or back injuries. Patients who require medical attention can be transported for short periods of time using stretchers. Emergency Rescue Stretchers are easy to transport to events or adventures and to keep with your responder equipment because they are soft, rollable, and foldable.

The backboard stretcher known as Instahold has two handles at a tapered end, making it easier to transport.

The edges are angled for log rolling, and the head area is smooth to ensure that all head immobilization devices adhere to the board.

All bodily fluids are inaccessible, the one-piece HDPE construction is strong and lightweight, decontamination is simple, and X-ray translucency is 100 percent. This board is likewise light and can be utilized to drift a patient in water. under normal use, guaranteed for life.

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