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50 Person Bulk Kits-OSHA Compliant
The durable plastic case that stores this 50-Person Bulk First Aid Kit is durable. This kit is compliant with ANSI and OSHA and can be used in almost any workplace. The well-organized plastic case has a handle for carrying it and can be mounted to the wall. The contents meet or exceed the 2015 ANSI Class A requirements and can treat 50 or more individuals. Ideal for small offices, vehicles, or worksites. This kit is a great first aid kit for the workplace, home, or office because it prepares you to treat minor injuries right away. Supplies for treating cuts, scrapes, and burns, as well as pain and swelling, are included in this 195-piece kit. This place of work medical aid unit is minimized, simple to convey, and incorporates individual compartments intended to store everything flawlessly. Ideal for work, home, and taking in a hurry, our medical aid packs for organizations and homes permit you to treat minor cuts and scratches pretty much anyplace.

Convenience: Bags that are resistant to moisture and resealable are used to group together small items. Cases can be wall mounted with the cover filling in as a readiness plate. An items list inside the cover helps with restocking supplies.

Versatility: The Bulk First Aid Kit can treat up to 50 people and is made to provide complete first aid protection in a wide range of workplace situations. Economy and quality: Containing the best fills, HART packs offer uncommon worth.

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