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Ear Protection

Moving away from loud noises, turning down the volume, or avoiding exposure to loud noises are the best ways to protect your hearing. If these options are not possible, hearing protection such as earplugs or protective headphones can help. Hearing protectors are portable devices that can reduce the sound reaching the ears.

Loud sounds can damage the delicate structures of the inner ear, causing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus (ringing, roaring or buzzing in the ears). The speed at which hearing loss can occur increases with sound volume.. Hearing damage can occur immediately. For example, a nearby explosion can cause immediate and permanent damage. In less than 15 minutes, other kinds of very loud sounds can cause hearing loss. Repeated exposure to loud noise - for example from machinery on a construction site - can cause hearing loss over time.

Earplugs and protective hearing protection are available in our retail stores or online. Examples include moldable foam earplugs, preformed earplugs, earplugs, and safety earplugs. "Music earplugs" are custom-made earplugs that allow as much natural sound as possible to reach your ears safely while also protecting your hearing.

Choose hearing protection that is comfortable and easy for you to use so that you use it consistently and correctly.

Earplugs are inexpensive devices that are inserted directly into the ear canal. Earplugs come in different sizes, but finding the right size for kids can be difficult. Earplugs may have wires that allow you to control them. Specialty earplugs are also available, including earplugs that are customized to fit your ears.

Protective earmuffs are easy-to-use, padded plastic and foam cups attached with an adjustable strap. (These are not soft heated headphones.) They reduce noise by completely covering both ears. Available in adult and children's sizes. Hearing protection is easier to use correctly than earplugs, especially for young children.

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