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Triangular Bandage
The triangular bandage can be used as a dressing for arm slings, tourniquets, compression bandages, and other applications. Other uses include applying a figure-eight on a wrist or binding a head wound. During the healing process, they can also be used to keep body parts, like the shoulders, still. Chest wound dressings might be kept set up with three-sided swathes, as well. Other applications include holding gauze in place, stopping or preventing bleeding, and splinting broken bones. A triangular bandage is regarded as a staple in the majority of first aid kits due to its ability to serve all of these purposes and possibly more.

Triangular bandages can be used for a lot of things. Using the triangular bandage as an arm sling is a very common choice. Beside arm sling three-sided swathes, however, there are numerous different choices for utilizing three-sided wraps. You may be aware that the triangular bandage is typically referred to by the area it is applied to in medical terminology; for example, when it's utilized for a head injury, it'll be called a 'three-sided swathe for the head,' or something along those lines, etc.

Because they can be used as a tourniquet and for so many different kinds of injuries, triangular bandage cloths are considered to be essential items for a first aid kit. Because Boy Scouts wear them as neckerchiefs, they will always have triangular bandages on hand in case of an injury. This is another reason why triangular bandages are so popular in first aid kits. A triangular bandage typically measures around 40 by 40 by 56 inches. The standard 40-inch triangular bandages will be smaller than the large ones.

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