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Incident Specific Triage Packs
Easy to identify treatment packs when time is of the essence." The treatment packs are organized by type of injury and include a list of everything you'll need to stay focused in an emergency. You can carry the sack by the handle or shoulder lash or simply grab the treatment pack you really want.

Triage kits are necessary for organizing a disaster site. A triage kit will help first responders in a variety of situations, including fires, major car accidents, natural disasters, and other calamities, prioritize the needs of survivors, and begin providing life-saving assistance. Variety coded canvases, labels, and tape go quite far in coordinating clinical work force and casualties the same. Trauma kits can significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of treatment efforts by organizing the efforts of trained medical professionals. Buy triage materials separately to add to your existing supplies or shop for comprehensive triage kits.

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