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Heavy WovenHeavy Duty Woven Fabric Bandages: Our Heavy Woven Patch Bandages, Knuckle Bandages, Adhesive Bandages, and Heavy Woven Fingertip Bandages will work well for both flexibility and strength.. The fabric used in our Heavy Woven bandages is durable, comfortable, and resistant to water and grease. Additionally, they allow the skin to breathe, accelerating healing. It is ideal for construction, hands-on work, and other situations where an injury is likely to become wet or dirty because it is flexible and easy to remove without sticking to the wound.

When you need to heal, you sometimes need a bandage that is strong, long-lasting, and protects your skin from water, dirt, and grease while also being flexible enough to let your skin breathe. Our Weighty Woven Gauzes do exactly that. They are made of a material that is extremely durable, resistant to water and grease, and still flexible enough to not make you feel constrained. These bandages are ideal for construction work, extreme sports, yard work, camping, and other activities because they do not adhere to the wound and provide maximum infection protection!

Heavy Woven Bandages firmly cling to wounds and skin, holding fast even in the presence of water or oil, allowing for extended usage without concern for infection.. These thick bandages are available from us in a variety of sizes to accommodate wounds of varying sizes. The texture cement gauzes are great for minor cuts, scraped spots and stabbings. Each bandage is ventilated to aid in the natural healing process and is made of a flexible woven fabric. The strong adhesive keeps the bandage firmly in place while the flexible fabric bandage expands as you stretch to comfortably wrap around the wound. While the non-stick pad absorbs water, they protect cuts and scrapes effectively. The breathable support repulses water and soil."

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