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Blue Metal Detectable
The Blue Metal Detectable Bandages are used for minor knuckle cuts, abrasions, and puncture wounds, the fabric adhesive bandages are ideal. The bandage's internal foil makes it ideal for the food or pharmaceutical industries because it allows for quick metal detection. Each bandage is ventilated to aid in the natural healing process and is made of a flexible woven fabric. The bandage's strong adhesive keeps it firmly in place while the flexible fabric, which is designed to wrap around the knuckle in a comfortable way, expands as you stretch. While the non-stick pad absorbs water, they protect cuts and scrapes effectively. The breathable sponsorship repulses water and dirt.

Metal distinguishable bandages are utilized in food fabricating plants, food administration regions and cafés to alarm clients and machines that gauzes might have tumbled off and are in the food. A bright blue metal strip is inserted beneath the bandage pad of the blue bandages to alert metal detectors. Our determination of metal noticeable swathes incorporate mass gauzes as well as administering boxes that are ideally suited for medical aid unit use. Bandages without latex that can be detected come in knuckle, fingertip, flexible fabric, and with plastic adhesive strips. In the context of food production and pharmaceutical manufacturing, the most cost-effective option for treating minor cuts and scrapes is the Metal Detectable Plastic 1 x 3" Bandages. features a strong adhesive that stays in place even when it's wet. Colored blue for easy visual identification in the event that the bandage breaks off. For food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, the metal-detectable bandage is now a fundamental requirement to safeguard against contamination from conventional first aid products.

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