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SmartCompliace-OSHA Compliant
OSHA SmartCompliance™ Medical aid Program - The main Emergency treatment Program that Ensures your OSHA Consistence - SmartCompliance™... Essentially Progressive

SmartCompliance™ is the main medical aid arrangement that ensures OSHA consistence. This is the primary item that goes past provisions and gives inner harmony. To keep the guarantee, all you need to do is register your cabinet and make use of the SmartTab ezRefill System. Additionally, the product will be made available to ensure compliance in the event that OSHA regulations applicable to your industry change. Only these SmartComplianceTM First Aid Program Cabinets are guaranteed to keep you in compliance with OSHA.

Smart Compliance cabinets are progressively progressive and creative, known for their simple three-in-one medical aid arrangement. All businesses are required by OSHA regulations to keep first aid kits and supplies on hand at all times.

Because of their clever design and compliance with OSHA, the cabinets are simple to modify, arrange, and restock. Any of our additional first aid supplies can be easily added to the cabinets. Start with a typical business cabinet and, as needed, add small boxes of bandages, alcohol pads, or antiseptic wipes.

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