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Water Jel Burn Blankets

Every second counts in a burn emergency. You may be able to save a life by conserving precious time. Water-Gel extinguishing blankets are made entirely of worsted wool and have intercellular tissue that can absorb up to 13 times its weight in cooling gel. it is soaked in. Instantaneously upon contact, this water-soluble, biodegradable, bacteriostatic gel begins to extinguish the flame, cool the burn, and aid in halting burn progression and pain. It settles the patient and gets ready for transport to a consume focus or trauma center.

Water-Jel Fire Covers are a one-step framework for crisis emergency treatment on a consume casualty. The blanket puts out the fire, stops the burn from getting worse, cools the skin, makes the pain go away, and prevents contamination from getting into the burn area. A one of a kind arrangement in the treatment of consumes. In a matter of seconds, this leading burn treatment alleviates, calms, and cleans. Water-Jel fire blankets are made from worsted wool, which is made entirely of wool. The fleece is absorbed a water-based, water-dissolvable gel that is bacteriostatic and biodegradable.

One of the fastest, easiest, and most direct ways to treat burns in an emergency is with Water-Jel Fire Blankets. Our gel-soaked blankets cool the skin, protect against airborne contamination, and aid in pain relief when placed on a victim without requiring any special training. They can also be used to put out small fires and put out a victim's flames. Water-Jel fire protection coatings come in three sizes and are packaged in wall-mounted orange canisters or pouches with high visibility.

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