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In health crisis, it is often essential to keep patients sedated to prevent further self-harm, using a backboard with straps for holding the patient in place is one way to accomplish this. A backboard can likewise be utilized to move patients over brief distances. Essentially for use in instances of injury where the clinical or protect staff accept that there is plausible of spinal injury. They are light enough that one person can easily carry them.

EMS backboards can help patients during transport. Short spine boards that are suitable for both children and adults are also available in our selection of pediatric models, such as. Medical backboards for complete immobilization, CPR positioning boards, and boards that are compatible with X-rays are also available from us.

Our spine sheets are intended to convey the strictest help required while moving an individual with a thought spinal or appendage injury. Ambulance personnel is the most likely to use a spine board, but lifeguards and ski patrollers are two other professions that might.

Back Sheets come normally with securement lashes and are made of solid PE material. This plastic spine board given by our organization can likewise be utilized as a floatable gadget. Because it is completely transparent, the structure can take X-rays. Our spine board and back board is viable with most head immobilization gadget.

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