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Forceps and Splinter Removal
Splinter Forceps are an essential and adaptable tool for getting rid of foreign objects and debris.. This product distinguishes itself from other forceps with serrated handles for a secure grip, then tapers to fine tips for precision. Perfect for removing splinters, hangnails, adhesive strips, holding suture ends, and a number of other uses.

Purchase this item to store in your first aid kit in the home, worksite, workplace, hiking pack, or glove compartment to remove irritating foreign bodies wherever you are. We have an extensive range of splinter forceps for use in operating theatre, emergency departments, medical clinics, paramedics, on wards or during any operating procedure.

Forceps, also known as forceps, are surgical instruments used to remove splinters, needles, or other small foreign bodies that may be embedded in the skin. They are typically used in emergency rooms, clinics, and doctor’s offices. Our splinter tweezer are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. It is a special device that allows surgeons in different areas to compress blood vessels or tissues and remove large foreign bodies from traumatic wounds or cavities. Splitting forceps are used to capture foreign debris, chips, or objects found at the surgical site with minimal trauma. Tweezers have a fine pointed tip for maximum control over objects.

The tri-bevel point on the Stainless Steel Splinter Removers is designed to loosen and remove splinters. The splinter removers are sterile, and exclusively enclosed by a reusable, pivoted, hard plastic defensive case. These individually packaged chip removers are easy and convenient to use. The Splinter-Out pack is a great addition to a first aid kit or on its own.

FirstAidWorks offers a wide range of surgical benefits. Its primary use is to provide an atraumatic means of removing fragments, foreign bodies, and debris from the surgical field. For this purpose, the instrument features triagular-shaped tips that easily reach deep spaces or cavities. In addition, the inner surfaces of the tips have horizontal serrations and vertical grooves that permit to grasp objects with precision.

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