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Compressed oxygen is stored in cylinders called medical oxygen tanks, which come in a variety of sizes. To deliver oxygen to a patient, a regulator, mask, or cannula can be attached to the tank. Clinical Oxygen Tanks are convenient and simple to work.

Our oxygen tank softback gives supplemental oxygen as an inhalator for breathing and nonbreathing losses. Lightweight, with an agreeable handle and shoulder tie, refillable by any compacted gas wholesaler, a snare that mounts on the wall for simple access, and a hose that won't crease. The Life Oxygen Pac is an oxygen inhaler and an adjunct CPR resuscitation device for non-breathing victims. Oxygen tanks are used for a lot of different things, mostly to help people with medical problems breathe or to do things like scuba diving, mountaineering, or flying an airplane. Modern purposes for oxygen tanks incorporate cutting, welding, metal refining and synthetic handling. When transporting patients in an emergency, on vacation, while traveling, etc., medical oxygen tanks are required. enjoying the benefit of having the option to move them effectively and securely. A flowmeter regulates the oxygen flow in an oxygen cylinder, making their use simple and straightforward.



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