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Empty Cases and Door Pouches

Sometimes all you need is a bag or container for first aid. We have an extensive variety of void emergency treatment boxes, cupboards, storage spaces, sacks and cases, including embellishments like carefully designed studs, wall sections and extra keys. We have a solution for transporting and storing first aid supplies that works for any purpose and environment.

This cabinet organizer provides additional storage and organization by hanging on the inside of the door. The included clear nylon pouches add more space to your first aid cabinet. Using a metal first aid kit, you can keep all of your first aid supplies dry, clean, and properly protected. Using a cabinet organizer is a great way to go beyond ANSI standards or even raise your own. The cabinet will last longer and be able to treat more injuries before needing to be refilled if you add more storage.

You might want to construct your own kit to meet your particular requirements. Or on the other hand you might have some gear that you're needing a conveying case for. No matter what your particular station requires, our empty cases will suffice! You'll be able to find the size and style that suits you best from our selection!

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