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Poison Ivy
IvyX Pre-Contact Arrangement safeguards you against cleansers, dust, air contamination (exhaust cloud), foliage, grasses, and noxious plants (poison oak, ivy, and sumac)

IvyX Pre-contact makes an imperceptible boundary when applied to assist with safeguarding skin from the noxious plant oil. IIt is safe to use in water and sweat, dries quickly, is not tacky or oily, and can be removed with water and a cleanser. Ivy X Pre-Contact Skin Barrier protects your skin from rashes and other reactions brought on by coming into contact with plant oils that are toxic.. wards off poison oak, poison sumac, and poison ivy. Unlike zinc-based products, Ivy X dries quickly and forms a barrier that does not rub off or adhere to the skin like clay. Ivy X is resistant to sweat and water and is simple to apply. To take the item off, essentially wash it with cleanser and water.

Ivy X Pre-Contact Skin Solution does not leave behind a greasy, sticky, or clay-like residue, unlike other products.. Also, there is no waiting; all you have to do is apply Ivy X Pre-Contact to the skin that is exposed and start working outside right away. Ivy X Pre-Contact goes off easily with soap and water and is almost undetectable on the skin. A skin protection program that is both compliant and affordable for outside workers is made possible by our packaging.

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