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Emergency Oxygen

A basic requirement for survival is oxygen. The air we inhale contains around 21% oxygen. Certain ailments might cause the body to take in less oxygen, or convey less oxygen to the organs and tissues. Providing supplemental oxygen at a higher concentration than ambient air during an emergency may delay damage to vital organs and permit greater oxygen absorption into the bloodstream.

The primary goals of using emergency oxygen are to reduce heart workload and correct mild to moderate hypoxia (insufficient oxygen delivery to organs and tissues). Rules for the treatment of hypoxia might contrast between medical aid suppliers and experts. If the guidelines of your local EMS authority or Medical Director differ from those of this training, follow them. When providing medical care to a patient, you should always take standard or universal precautions in accordance with OSHA and workplace regulations.

Numerous breathing and cardiac emergencies can be treated with emergency oxygen. It may assist in reducing pain and discomfort associated with breathing as well as improving hypoxia, or oxygen deficiency in cells.

Our oxygen tank provides breathing and non-breathing victims with oxygen for 90 minutes. Simple On/Off Control Lever, a six-liter-per-minute oxygen supply for 90 minutes that can be refilled by any compressed gas distributor. The Life Oxygen Pac serves as both an adjunct CPR resuscitation device and a supplemental oxygen inhalation device for non-breathing victims.

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