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Vehicle Kits-ANSI 2015 Compliant
The Vehicle First Aid Kit in a metal case contains 114 parts of treat side of the road wounds. The things in this pack outperform the 2015 ANSI Class An essentials. The weatherproof storage case has two latches that keep it closed, and a handle makes it easier to move it to the injury site. The case also comes with hinged mounting tabs that can be used to mount it on a wall or other flat vertical surface. This is the ideal kit for cars, trucks, construction site gang boxes, and other vehicles.

Waterproof Areas of strength for very Box
The metal unit box incorporates a convey handle, mounting plate and a waterproof gasket to keep supplies protected and dry. One of the most long-lasting first aid kits available. White enamel paint is used to paint the box.

Coordinated Compartment Sack
We have coordinated this minimized pack with a 4 board sack. Each board takes into consideration simple admittance to provisions while keeping the items coordinated. There is no need to look for supplies because the clear design makes everything visible.

This robust, weather-resistant, and small kit is ideal for tight spaces in a van or truck's trunk or under the seat. It can also be used on worksites. This kit is ideal for transportation and general use, and it can be used by independent contractors or a company fleet. All of the supplies needed to treat common injuries at home or at work are in our kit. The supplies are stored in a special bag so that they can be quickly and easily accessed. The metal box keeps your supplies dry and clean, is waterproof, and can be mounted on the wall.

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