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For little cuts, scraped spots, and stabbings, our plastic cement swathes are great. Each gauze is ventilated to support the normal healing process and is made of flexible vinyl. While the non-stick cushion assimilates water, they safeguard cuts and scratches successfully. The backing repels water and dirt and is breathable. Assuming you or somebody in your family falls or cuts themselves, these gauzes are ideal to keep in your emergency treatment pack or in your bureau at home.

These plastic glue gauzes will be the ideal fit for you! The adhesive bandages have a four-sided seal that helps keep germs and dirt out for a better healing environment and is designed for all-purpose, long-lasting protection. With its non-adhesive pad and 1" x 3" size, the standard adhesive bandage is ideal for any minor cut or scrape. It also provides no-odor absorption for any minor bleeding.

Plastic Bandages are made of serious areas of strength for a, ventilated plastic, covered with an enduring glue. The non-stick pad on these bandages ensures fluid absorption and comfort. Plastic bandages are the best first-aid equipment for minor cuts, scrapes, and abrasions because they are convenient and simple to use. By sealing the wound from the environment, plastic bandages help prevent infection. This additionally implies, when applied, the harmed individual can return to work forestalling pointless margin time. Bandages made of plastic are easy to store; Apart from the items in your workplace's first aid kit, you can easily keep a few boxes nearby.

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