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Gauze Rolls

Gauge rolls are a great way to protect scratches and other sensitive areas. These Gauze Rolls wick away a lot of fluid while still allowing cuts, incisions, scrapes, and abrasions to breathe thanks to their six layers of crimped cotton. Their extra-soft surface prevents bumps and bruises in addition to drawing up moisture. They will not cause allergic reactions because they do not contain natural rubber latex.

Scratches, cuts, minor consumes and different wounds can happen unexpectedly, making it vital to be ready to really focus on yourself and your loved ones. Having a first aid kit with all the necessary supplies can give you peace of mind and ensure that you can treat minor wounds at home when they happen. We at Walgreens offer a wide range of first aid products, including gauze rolls, to assist you in acquiring all of the necessary supplies.

With our Gauze Rolls, securing a bandage or wound is simple. These non-sterile rolls can be used to secure a bandage or to wrap a wound for airtight protection. The wrap can be stretched to cover the desired area effectively and comfortably because it is woven with cotton and polymer. The veterinary industry uses gauze rolls a lot. Superior quality, highly absorbent secondary injury dressings. Ideal for highly exuding injuries, including leg ulcers, cavity wounds, slashes and careful injuries. It cushions wounds and sores in a unique way to relief pressure points. Because they make it simple to bandage cuts and scrapes on the arms, hands, legs, and feet, gauze rolls are an essential part of your first aid supplies.

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