Collection: Bandage Compresses and Trauma Pads

Bandage Compresses and Trauma Pads
Traditional wounds and deep cuts need durable, more absorbent dressings to properly heal. Our Trauma Pads are reasonable for additional serious injuries and are accessible in various sizes and bundling choices.

These pads are ideal for bleeding, will quickly prevent exudates from pooling, and offers great absorbency, protection, and padding. In the event of an emergency involving a large wound or laceration, you should ensure that you have something that is highly absorbent in addition to stopping the bleeding. For this kind of situation, our top-of-the-line Trauma/Combine Pads are ideal. For optimal performance during a traumatic bleeding event, each of our pads has multiple layers of padding and protection, is leak-resistant, and is highly absorbent.

Help your skin with healing quicker with this sterile trauma pad This medical supply prevents additional issues from developing as a result of cuts, scratches, and minor burns by controlling their bleeding. It safeguards the injury from substances that might cause skin contamination and synthetic mixtures that might be unsafe to the impacted region. Include this bandage compress in your workplace and home emergency first aid kits to be ready for anything.

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