SmartCompliance Refills

When you are looking to replenish your Smart Compliant first aid kit, this is the section to find the right items at the right price.  SmartCompliance Refills fit in your SmartCompliance First Aid Cabinets that range in size from Medium, to Large to XL to XXL. To give you a better idea of size, the Medium is for 25 people, Large is a 50 person, XL is 150 and XXL is up to 200 people.

The SmartCompliance Refills fit perfectly into their designated spot in the cabinet allowing for organization and easily identifyable item numbers right on the box to order. Keep track of what is needed and what needs to be refilled while maintaining a fully stocked cabinet.

The SmartTab ezRefill system allows you to easily identify what item number you need to reorder, when you need to reorder it and where it needs to go in your cabinet. The SmartTab system allows for cost effective order management control. Buy what you need, when you need it and be alerted that you need to order it before its too late.

FAO SmartHub Safety App

  • The SmartCompliance SafetyHub App will remind you when it's time to reorder while minimizing inventory costs
  • SmartCompliance SafetyHub App benchmarks your consumption data
  • SmartCompliance refill system keeps supplies organized.
  • Learn how SmartCompliance can save you money.